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Shaylene Syrota, RVT

Assistant Practice Manager

Shaylene started at Kamloops Vet Clinic at the end of October as the Assistant Practice Manager. She graduated from Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) with her Vet Tech diploma in 2016 and has since worked as an RVT in a mixed animal clinic as well as back at GPRC covering a maternity leave, helping teach future vet techs!

Currently, in the clinic, you can see her helping out upfront with the receptionists, in the back assisting the techs or in the office helping with the various managerial tasks. Her favourite part of the job is supporting her coworkers in providing the best care to all our patients and clients alike.

At home, she has her cat Regina George, or Gina for short, a beautiful, sassy little calico from Critteraid in Summerland that has been along for the ride for the last 4 years. She recently added another furball to her life named Hunter, a big goofy black lab- her favourite! Shaylene is also an associate photographer outside the vet clinic and is very passionate about women empowerment, confidence and mental health. She loves getting to explore all Kamloops has to offer and is very excited to make this her new home!



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