Monique, RVT


Monique, RVT
Monique, RVT Registered Veterinary Technologist

I graduated from the Animal Health Technology program in 2008 and completed a portion of my practicum work experience at Kamloops Vet Clinic. I loved it so much that I decided to join the team full time. I've taught early socialization puppy classes at the clinic since 2013 and have my Level 3 FearFree certification.

There are so many things about my job that I love! I am fortunate to work with such a diverse and capable team, we work well together which allows us to practice amazing medicine! My greatest satisfaction comes when I can help a nervous patient relax. Whether that means training animals to accept specific treatments and procedures, or simply quieting down a room and offering a tasty treat, I’m happiest when my patients are happiest. I can’t wait for Covid-19 to subside so I can start offering puppy classes again, who doesn’t love playing with puppies?!

When not at work, I can be found spending time with my husband and two young kids. We share our home with a three-legged Brazilian jungle dog, a sensitive border collie and three quiet senior cats.