Kassia, RVT


Kassia, RVT
Kassia, RVT Registered Veterinary Technologist

I began working at Kamloops Veterinary Clinic in 2016 as a Kennel Attendant. In 2018, I started the Animal Health Technology program at Thompson Rivers University, graduated in 2020, and have been working as a Registered Veterinary Technologist (RVT) at Kamloops Veterinary Clinic ever since! I chose the Veterinary field after growing up in a home full of animals and working at a trail riding stable.

Once I heard of the Animal Health Technology program, I knew I wanted to get my foot in the door with a clinic to see what I was getting into! I couldn’t have asked for a better team to join. The technologists at Kamloops Vet Clinic showed me just how exciting the job of an RVT was, and I had no doubt that was the career path I wanted to follow. As an RVT, I love working alongside our doctors with interesting medical cases and assisting in surgeries. I feel very rewarded after successful blood collections, and after giving animals a positive, fear-free experience. I am also one of the main faces behind the screen of our social media!

When not at work, I can be found enjoying my hobby as a photographer or adventuring outdoors with my husband and our two dogs, Harvey and Roscoe! Harvey is an eight-year-old Heeler/Shepherd and Roscoe is a five-year-old Border Collie/Heeler with only three legs!