Samantha Snucins

Assistant Practice Manager

Samantha Snucins
Samantha Snucins Assistant Practice Manager

With a deep-rooted love for animals and a passion for exceptional customer care, I am thrilled to join the team as Assistant Manager at our bustling veterinary clinic. Growing up on a hobby farm, I developed a strong bond with animals from an early age, which naturally led me to a career dedicated to their well-being.

Bringing over 20 years of experience in customer care, I am committed to ensuring that both our clients and their pets receive the highest level of service and attention. My background has equipped me with the skills to handle the fast-paced environment of our clinic with efficiency and compassion.

Beyond my professional life, I am an avid musician. I play three instruments and have the pleasure of singing with the KSO choir. Music is a significant part of my life, providing a creative outlet that complements my dedication to animal care.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling and taking road trips in my classic Austin 1000 with my husband. I also love crocheting, building puzzles, and engaging in board gaming with friends and family. These hobbies bring balance to my life and allow me to connect with others in meaningful ways.

I look forward to contributing to the success of our clinic and building lasting relationships with our clients and their beloved pets.