Alex Veterinary Assistant

I have never gone a day without an animal in my life as my parents believed it was important for children to grow up around them. When I moved out I took my cat Ghost with me and within a few months I got my first personal dog, Athena, a German Shepherd/Scotch Collie mix. I've seen and experienced what animals are willing and able to give us, making me want to help provide the absolute best care possible to any animal I can.

I started with volunteering at a therapeutic riding center with horses from when I turned 14 until I was 17. I then got back into volunteering at an animal rescue cleaning the dog kennels, and at a vet clinic as a veterinary assistant for a while until I got my position here at Kamloops Veterinary Clinic as a kennel attendant in October of 2020 and have since started assisting and it’s been amazing! I love seeing how much work really goes into a clinic and being a part of it. I've really enjoyed learning everything the amazing people I work with have to offer and can't wait to continue to work and grow my experiences in the veterinary field.

Outside of work you can find me knitting, meditating, or caring for and playing with all of mine and my fiancé’s animals, including our cats Ghost and Fae, two dogs Sadie (Mastiff/Lab mix) and Athena, 7 snakes, 3 fish tanks, and a tarantula!