Stephanie, RVT


Stephanie, RVT
Stephanie, RVT Lead Registered Veterinary Technologist & Technical Development Coordinator

Growing up I have always had a strong affinity for dogs. I was always dog walking, pet sitting and finding strays at a young age. I knew I wanted to work with dogs (and cats) and veterinary medicine was a natural fit with my interest in biology. I graduated from the Thompson Rivers University Animal Health Technology program as a Registered Veterinary Technologist (RVT) in 2011 with the Faculty Award demonstrating both practical and academic proficiency.

Being an RVT means you are a lab tech, anesthetist, radiology tech, phlebotomist, a nurse and a surgical tech, often all in the same day! It is always changing, you are always learning and everyday has something new and interesting to accomplish. I especially love dental procedures! It really affects an animal's overall health and wellbeing and it is very rewarding to see an animal transition from having a painful, smelly mouth to a pain-free, pearly white smile!

Outside of work, I love exploring the outdoors with Nigel and Fiona, my little black Pomeranians. Nigel loves food and is an Expert Trick Dog and Fiona loves to run as fast as she can!