Have You Heard About Our Online Store?

SAVE an extra 10% on Royal Canin and an additional 5% on Hill’s products when you set up an AutoOrder online.

KAMLOOPS VETERINARY CLINIC is pleased to announce our new AutoOrder Promotion at our online Vet Store!

If you are registered and currently use our AutoOrder service, you are automatically receiving an instant 5% rebate. Royal Canin Veterinary Diets and Hill’s Nutrition Diets will now add on additional discount on top of the 5% you are already receiving.

Who doesn’t like to save money??

If you are already registered, sign in now to update your account.

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Benefits of setting up an AutoOrder

In addition to the instant rebate that you will receive, setting up an AutoOrder has several advantages:

Regular food delivery – It does not take long to figure out how much food you go through in an average week. An AutoOrder allows you to set up a schedule that works based on your pet’s eating schedule. MyVetStore enables you to set up to have your food shipped as frequently as once a week to once every six months.

The convenience of delivery locations – When setting up an AutoOrder you can have the order delivered to your house, cottage or place or work. Or pick it up at the clinic – it will be ready and waiting for you! You decide what works best for you.

No more forgetting to buy food – Most pet parents at one point or another have neglected to notice that their current food supply is running low. This can be a big problem if your pet needs a specialty diet. Setting up and AutoOrder ensures that your pet’s diet is available like clockwork based on the delivery schedule that you set up.

Flexibility – One week before your next AutoOrder is scheduled to be placed you will receive a notification. You can change the location of delivery of your AutoOrder or even change the date at which you would like the food shipped.

How to set up an AutoOrder

Setting up an AutoOrder is easy. After selecting the food that you wish to buy, along with the size and the name of the pet you are buying the food for:

  1. Click on the orange AutoOrder button located just below add to cart
  2. Enter the quantity you wish to purchase, frequency and your first order date
  3. Click create AutoOrder

If you don’t have a delivery address and or credit card information stored you will see a warning that this information must be entered for the AutoOrder to be completed.

That’s it! You are now signed up for a service that ensures that the food is available, when and where you want it.

Free Shipping – Want the convenience of home delivery? All orders over $150 will be delivered to you free of charge.

Need help?
If you have any questions, please call us at 250-374-1485 or send us an email and we would be pleased to help you. You can also email MyVetStore for technical assistance and help with setting up your AutoOrder at info@myvetstore.ca.