Puppy Socialization Class

We offer puppy socialization classes to foster vital social skills in a supportive environment.

Dogs may come into this world with adorable looks, but there’s one thing they’re not born with: manners. These things must be taught, and the earlier the better. Kamloops Veterinary Clinic offers Puppy Socialization Classes to help develop your four-legged friend into the balanced, well-behaved family member everyone will enjoy being around.

When should my puppy start school?

Our puppy classes focus on early learning to optimize the normal development of puppies and desirable behaviours in adult dogs. Puppies benefit greatly from many positive experiences with people, other dogs, new places and new sensations when they are exposed to these things as young puppies between 8 and 12 weeks of age.

Where do you offer socialization classes?

Classes are at the clinic, which helps your puppy enjoy coming to the clinic for routine visits and procedures.

What are the training methods used to train puppies?

Topics discussed and practiced in class include:

  • Socialization – the why’s and the how’s
  • Potty Training – quick and reliable
  • Say Please by Sitting – how to be polite and patient
  • Management strategies – keeping puppy safe and your home intact
  • Walking on leash and staying close – start early for success
  • Nipping and chewing – the right things
  • Relax for body handling and restraint for nail trims, grooming and vet visits”

Let us help improve the relationship you share with your canine companion and foster a lifelong bond that will never be broken. Contact us today for more information on enrolling your furry family member in our next class session.

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