Blood Tests

Regularly monitoring your pet's health is essential, as signs of illness may not always be visible.

Laboratory testing is a vital piece in determining a correct diagnosis which then allows for appropriate treatment. We offer both onsite and referral services in lab testing.

Why are blood tests important for my cat’s health?

In the clinic, we have cutting-edge laboratory processing equipment from Idexx, allowing us to provide real-time results that are critical for ill or injured patients and convenient for our clients. For a more complex analysis, a comprehensive list of tests is available through the Idexx referral laboratory located in Delta, BC. They offer consultation with board-certified veterinary specialists and exclusive tests that require specialized equipment that cannot be housed in a clinic. This high level of diagnostics allows the veterinarians to provide the correct treatment as quickly as possible. We recommend that all pets who are transitioning into their senior years (7-8 years old) have routine blood work to provide a baseline reading and screen for possible early stages of a disease. Early diagnosis and baseline values can be crucial in ensuring your pet lives a long and healthy life.

How long does it take to get blood test results?

Critical patients can have results from our in-house blood machine within 20-30 minutes. If a more comprehensive blood profile is needed, the blood is shipped out to a lab in Delta, BC and results, depending on the test, are typically back to us within 48 hours.

How should I prepare my cat for their blood tests?

Many cats, although they may not love it, do fairly well with having our team perform any sort of diagnostics, however, there are a select few that are not happy about visiting the vet’s office. We strive to make the experience as comfortable as possible for your pet. We have highly trained technicians that have your cat’s well-being in mind, but if your kitty becomes agitated or aggressive, options are available to help them cope with a situation that may be perceived as stressful. These options can always be discussed with the veterinarian team.

Does your clinic perform urinalysis?

Yes. A urinalysis can be performed in conjunction with your pet’s bloodwork to give us a more comprehensive picture of your cat’s overall health. Our trained technician can perform this in our in-house laboratory, or have it sent to the lab in Delta, BC.

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