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Microchipping / Tattooing a Dog

Losing one of our pets can be extremely stressful, scary and sad. We go to great lengths to find our pet and reunite with them. If this unfortunate event should happen, there are ways we can make the process a little less stressful and these involve proper identification. The most obvious is a collar with an ID tag that is easy to read and has the dog’s name and a contact phone number. This is often the most efficient method, but it is not permanent, especially if your pet is separated from the collar i.e. by slipping out of it. We offer two options for permanent pet identification at Kamloops Veterinary Clinic. 1: An ear tattoo; 2: A microchip. Both of these forms are unique to your pet and will help in reuniting you with your pet in case they are found.

Why is it a good idea to microchip my dog?

The microchip we offer is an ISO standard which means it is internationally recognized and can be scanned with ISO scanners globally. The information contained in the microchip is a set of numbers that is linked with a profile that will be used to contact you in case your pet is found. ISO microchips are also often required when exporting your pet if you are vacationing or moving to a foreign country. Microchips are available without an anesthetic as they are implanted by a simple injection under the skin. If you move or change your contact information or if your pet is rehomed, you must update this information with the microchip registry. Kamloops Veterinary Clinic uses the Eidap Registry.

Why Is it a good idea to tattoo my dog?

The ear tattoo is a unique series of letters and numbers that connect your pet to the facility where he or she was tattooed and then to you as the owner. The tattoo is most easily used provincially as each province and country uses their own system to identify an animal. A tattoo requires an anesthetic, as it is both painful and needs to be legible. If you move or change your contact information or if your pet is rehomed, you must update this information with the veterinary clinic that did the tattoo.



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