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Kamloops Veterinary Clinic belongs to the Kamloops Veterinarians On-Call Group. This is a group of six independent veterinary hospitals which share the responsibility of after-hours veterinary care for Kamloops and the surrounding area. We rotate on call so when you call our line after hours, you will then be forwarded to an answering service who will then page the veterinary clinic that is on call and you will receive a callback. If treatment is necessary, your pet will be treated at the clinic that is on call that day.

Where is your clinic located?

The Kamloops Veterinary Clinic is located at 1370b Dalhousie Drive
Kamloops, BC.

Are you a 24-hour vet hospital?

We are not a 24-hour Veterinary Hospital, however, there is always a clinic within our call group that is available after hours should an emergency arise. To be put in contact with the on-call veterinary clinic, please call 250-374-1485 and the answering service will put you in touch with the clinic taking emergencies for that evening.

Where is the closest emergency service animal hospital?

Your pet will be able to be seen by one of the veterinarians in the Kamloops Veterinarians On-Call Group in case of emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



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