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Dog Behavioural Counselling

On occasion, we may offer behaviour counselling with one of our veterinary technicians. If your veterinarian feels that we could help in shaping the behaviour of your pet, they may recommend a consult with our behaviour technician. First and foremost, we must ensure that the behaviour is not as a result of a medical condition, so an appointment with your veterinarian is often the first step.

How can behavioural counselling help my dog’s behaviour?

Behavior counselling can help you decipher why your pet may be acting the way it is and provide you with the tools to modify the behaviour.

What happens at the initial dog counselling meeting?

The veterinary technician will provide you with a questionnaire to gain a better understanding of the behaviour your pet is eliciting and the circumstances surrounding it. It will also contain questions about the pet’s lifestyle. This will allow us to prepare some tools for you and your pet. We will then meet one-on-one to discuss the problems and hopefully be able to provide you with some effective solutions.

Will my pet insurance policy cover the cost of dog behaviour counselling?

This will depend on your insurance plan. Please review your insurance policy to see if behaviour counselling is included.

What can I expect after the consultation?

You will likely have some homework to do and with time your situation should improve. If the problem persists, a follow-up appointment or further analysis may be required.



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