Sydney Veterinary Assistant

I started at Kamloops Vet Clinic as a volunteer in 2018 on my birthday. I drove all the way from my hometown, Penticton B.C to volunteer at the clinic twice a week. Unfortunately, Covid-19 put a stop to all volunteering but luckily Kamloops Vet Clinic offered me a full-time job and I started in Aug 2020. I instantly knew that it was meant to be and fell in love with every aspect of working at a vet clinic and knew this was my passion.

The veterinary field has always been an interest of mine and I am very interested in the Veterinary Technologist program at Thompson Rivers University. Hopefully, one day I will be a Registered Technologist at Kamloops Vet Clinic.

In my spare time away from the clinic, you can find me on a hike or on the lake with a big fish on my line with my two dogs Oakley and Ceder. They’re the best fishing/exploring buddies I could ever ask for. Oakley is a German Shepherd/Husky, and Ceder is a Doberman.