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Practice Manager

At the age of 16, Melanie took a part-time job in a veterinary clinic on a whim, as she thought it would be an interesting position and she’d always had a soft spot for animals. Little did she know that her decision would affect her for many years to come! Melanie has now been working with pets as a veterinary professional for over 25 years.

A native of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Melanie started her veterinary journey as a kennel assistant during high school and soon transitioned into assistant and reception work. She stayed at that practice for nearly nine years, before moving to Kamloops. When she heard about an open position here at the clinic from former coworkers of hers, she jumped at the chance to apply; she’s been a member of the Kamloops Veterinary Clinic family since the fall of 2006.

Melanie’s favourite part of her job is helping families through difficult situations that they face with their pets. Nothing compares to the feeling she gets when she can help a family work through a tough time! She also enjoys witnessing the positive interactions between pets and their owners firsthand.

At home, Melanie and her husband live with their two busy children and the family dog, Missy, an energetic boxer who they rescued through the clinic in 2014. Missy is the epitome of the silly boxer breed and is the perfect fit for Melanie and her on-the-go family. She particularly enjoys accompanying them to the kids’ various sporting events or their family weekends away.

When she has a spare moment between work and her busy family life, Melanie enjoys walking and hiking with Missy and she hopes to one day get back into playing the piano; she’s been playing since she was very young and misses her time at the keyboard.



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