Kennel Attendant/Receptionist
Working with animals has always been in my blood, heart and probably my genetic makeup! From an early age, I was bringing home wandering dogs, injured birds and trying to make newts into household pets. I started my position with Kamloops Veterinary Clinic, shortly after moving to Kamloops in May 2018. I find myself drawn to physical therapy, bringing back animals after injury with compassion and every option at our fingertips, for the best recovery and outcome. I got my first cat at the age of five and we were blessed to grow up and be together for 17 years. He patiently shared me with all our other pet's over the years and taught them who ruled the roost. I love seeing and hearing about our patient's recoveries and knowing we were able to help them get there. My favourite thing about the clinic is the empathy and compassion shown by all team members to our patients. When I am not at the clinic, you will find me paddling in the creek with my two dogs, or playing with my horses.



What You Need to Know About Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection, that can be caused by a variety of different viruses and bacteria. The kennel cough vaccine available is able to protect against one of the most common sources of kennel cough, but just like with our human influenza vaccine, it cannot cover every strain.

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