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Client Care Representative
From a young age I always had a keen interest in animals, especially animal wellness. Growing up with dogs and cats, I found myself using any skills I had to provide my animals with the most love, attentiveness and care.  My current fury friends include Frankie, a feisty orange feline with a spunky personality and a bit of an attitude problem and my newest addition Phoebe, a long hair tabby kitten with enough energy to fuel Kamloops! I also have an aquarium with five fish and a Golden Mystery snail, Cornelious. In Addition, my aquarium does tend to provide my cats with some entertainment, from a distance of course! My goal is to be accepted into Thompson Rivers University's RVT program in order to further my education and career in the vet industry and ultimately help animals lead a happy, healthy life!  I have just begun my journey here with Kamloops Veterinary Clinic and am beyond excited to see what the future here holds for me!



What You Need to Know About Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection, that can be caused by a variety of different viruses and bacteria. The kennel cough vaccine available is able to protect against one of the most common sources of kennel cough, but just like with our human influenza vaccine, it cannot cover every strain.

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