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Veterinary Medical Receptionist

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to work in the veterinary industry. I started off dreaming of becoming a veterinarian and took some courses at The College of New Caledonia in Quesnel, BC, where I grew up. I then decided I needed a change in my life, and moved to Pritchard, BC with my parents in 2014 and in 2016, decided to take a leap and get back into the school groove! I graduated this summer with a certificate in Veterinary Medical Receptionist from Olds College Online.

I am quite new to the Kamloops Veterinary Clinic, I started here this summer at the end of August and am loving it! I have always heard amazing things about this clinic, the friendly atmosphere and the great customer service! There is so much in the veterinary industry that is interesting, and no day is ever the same, every day brings a new surprise! The most interesting to me would happen to be traumatology! Although these are not necessarily a good thing, they are very interesting!

Honestly, the best part of the clinic is the friendly atmosphere, it is never easy being the "new person," but everyone is quite welcoming and very knowledgeable! Also, being able to pet puppies and kittens every day! My favourite thing about the clinic is my coworkers. I truly believe that you could be working in your dream career place, but if you do not enjoy the people you work with, that you will no longer enjoy your job.

Fun fact about myself? When I was about 3-years-old, my mom took me to her friend's house and dressed me in a nice new white outfit. Next thing she knows, I was sitting in the middle of a mud puddle with a litter of puppies. C'mon though, who dresses their child in white when going to a ranch! Since then, I have always had a true for animals. When I was younger my family and I lived in an apartment building, and we were unable to have cats or dogs, so my first pet was a Beta fish that I named Rainbow.

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