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Dr. Fergus Alexander


Dr. Fergus Alexander spent many childhood summers on his uncle’s farm in rural Quebec. There weren’t veterinary services available to them at the time, and if an animal required care, it was up to Dr. Alexander and his uncle to deal with the problem. These experiences made one thing very clear to Dr. Alexander: he desired the knowledge to care for animals of all types, and he wanted to get it by becoming a veterinarian!

Dr. Alexander obtained his degree in agriculture from McGill University before attending Ontario Veterinary College to earn his veterinary degree. He’s been practicing veterinary medicine for 37 years, 36 of which he’s spent here at Kamloops Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Alexander is incredibly humbled by the faith that clients put in him; some have been with him for his entire career here in Kamloops, and he even looks after their children’s pets now.

Dr. Alexander and his wife of 40 years, Sandy, live at Heffley Lake with a pair of Schnauzers named Sophie and Phoebe, as a well as a cat who goes by CeCe. Recently, Dr. Alexander and his wife were thrilled to become first-time grandparents to their grandson, Seth!



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