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Adrienne, RVT

Lead Registered Veterinary Technologist
Adrienne grew up on an acreage surrounded by animals, but it wasn’t until after high school when she had the privilege of being mentored by a gifted Veterinarian who sparked her passion for further pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.  She graduated from TRU’s technician program in 2017 and has worked alongside multiple veterinarians in diverse environments who have shaped her into the technician she is today.

She is devoted to ensuring you feel at ease while your loved ones are in her care. She thrives on building relationships and genuinely cares for your pet as much as you do.

In her spare time, Adrienne is at the gym, on the volleyball court or brushing her 2 Pomeranians. She never misses an episode of a 90-day fiance or passes up on an outdoor adventure.



What You Need to Know About Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection, that can be caused by a variety of different viruses and bacteria. The kennel cough vaccine available is able to protect against one of the most common sources of kennel cough, but just like with our human influenza vaccine, it cannot cover every strain.

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